Dr. Rachel Clark is a life-changer! I have had chronic low back pain for about 3 years due to my job as a hairstylist as well as a ton of anxiety/depression in the last year. She has only been treating me for a month or so and my back pain is almost completely gone and my anxiety is under control. I feel better after each visit and I cannot recommend her enough. She is incredibly patient and thorough and it’s nice to be honest with your health care provider without feeling judged. I had never tried non-western medicine prior to this experience and now I can never look back!
S. B.
Meeting Dr. Rachel Clark completely changed the way I went about healing after my motor vehicle accident. Previous to meeting her, I was struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, depression, and everything else that comes with a life changing event...From my very first visit with Rachel, I was able to begin the process of letting go. I was impressed by both her professionalism, and intuition when it came to my treatments. Acupuncture combined with body work practices made the biggest difference in my recovery, more so than physical therapy, counseling and Doctors visits. I fully believe that Rachel being my practitioner was what made the difference, she was intuitive and compassionate with her work, and continued to work with my changing symptoms. I always felt it was personalized to my struggles. Rachel guided my path to recovery, allowing me to really get in touch and understand the trauma caused my my accident. I am forever grateful to Rachel for her patience, and genuine respect she has for her work and patients. I am thankful, not only for her treating me, but also for teaching me about the treatments, so that I can continue healing in my daily life.
I came to see Dr. Clark when I had exhausted all of my resources after a car accident. I had tried many different treatments for several months to no avail, and was desperate to feel better. To my surprise, my pain was relieved after just one acupuncture treatment with Dr. Clark. As a first timer, I was nervous and skeptical, but she guided me through. I feel fortunate to have found her services, which led me back to healing and feeling good in my body again. Her treatments brought attention to several other lifestyle habits that needed changing, and now I have never felt better. She is compassionate, dedicated, and genuine both as a person, and a practitioner.